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Release: Psalms 23 is approximately god the father who’s a shepherd that is good, psalms is definitely an Old Testament page that was based on the tunes of Mark the king. David is really a New Testament guide which also covers his sheep and the nice shepherd, the shepherd is Christ it was a parable which was read for the disciples by Christ, while we who rely on him and notice his word will be the sheep. Characteristics Psalms 23 shares of god who’s a shepherd that is good; furthermore Steve 10 is based on a tale in regards to his sheep and the shepherd. And so the two guides of the Bible possess the same information regarding the excellent shepherd who is Jesus. Concept: The style of both chapters will be the great shepherd, both sections talk about God who is recognized to his lamb, the sheep recognize the voice of the shepherd so when he moves before the sheep they follow him, on the other hand if your stranger moves ahead of the sheep they manage for they do not understand his style, the chapters also informs us the good shepherd who is the owner of the sheep will take care of the sheep better than the shepherd on-hire, the shepherd on hire here identifies the demon who will not Get excellent care of the lamb. Token The shepherd that is good could be the Lord Jesus Christ who leads his flock of sheep for the wilderness wherever they are provided for by him and shields them. The shepherd on hire signify the devil, furthermore the thieve who does not enter the lamb collapse through the doorway represent the devil The lamb that notice the speech of the good shepherd symbolize us who have confidence in him and follow Jesus Christ.

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The lamb that not notice the voice of the good shepherd signify individuals who believe and do not hear in Jesus Christ and so they don’t hear his speech. The wilderness where the shepherd brings his travel symbolize the living that is great that those people who have confidence in Jesus Christ reside, Jesus protects them from any chance and also they often live satisfying lifestyles. Graphic The photograph the two chapters signify is the fact that of the shepherd who brings his lamb for the wilderness where there are many of oceans that are cool and natural pastures, the shepherd protects because he is the master of the head any danger is formed by the lamb. Distinctions: One difference is that the psalms is an Old Testament book while David is actually a New Testament book, the Psalms page can be a compliment towards the Lord by Jesus while Bob chapters is dependant on the life of Jesus Christ, this parable was instructed towards the disciples of by the shepherd herself. Summary: Both chapters have focused on the good shepherd and what will occur if we become one of his sheep, we should consequently follow the great shepherd who’s Jesus Christ; if we follow him he will protect us from any hazard and will offer us whichever we need, we should believe in him so that we shall recognise his voice and so do what is suitable. Psalms 23 can be an Old Testament guide that’s gathered in the melodies of David, Bob 10 can be following the Jesus was crucified, a New Testament guide that was composed and therefore it focuses on the lessons of Christ. Research: The Holly Bible (1965) the New Testament and also the Old Testament, the Chaucer Press Ltd, UK

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